♥ The first single of our upcoming album ‘Into The Sun’ ♥ Release September 15th via Eucalypdisc Records.

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Enjoy the ‘Soulcleaner’ Lyricvideo made by Tanja Veil
📸 Arno Kohlem Photodesign
frontcover artwork handmade pyrography by Hel in Person Artn more
digital artwork, design & concept by Olli Buster @ Bustersdesign
♥ Thank you very much for this amazing result ♥

‘Soul Cleaner’ will soon be available as a single via
www.sonsofsounds.com, bandcamp, amazon, iTunes etc.

Song produced by Martin Buchwalter @Studio Gernhart
Video made by Tanja Veil
Music: Sons of Sounds
Lyrics: Roman Beselt

Released by Eucalypdisc Records and distributed by Herbie Martin Music



All the things I’m gonna tell you now are not just fantasy
About a little girl that has the gift to visit places we can’t see
Before she learned to use it right it’d been a long way full of fear
She grew up and began to trust herself and stopped to disappear

Now she knows her fate
For what she was made

She’s a soul cleaner and she’s never afraid of ghosts
She’s the soul cleaner, guiding lost souls into the light
She’s a soul cleaner and she’s never afraid of ghosts
She’s the soul cleaner, she knows the way to the other side
And she’s never afraid of ghosts,
She is never afraid of ghosts,
Nobody should be afraid of ghosts

She remembered when her grandma’s gone but for her she wasn’t dead
As her body laid six feet underground, she saw her spirit on her bed
But she hasn’t found the words to say and make the people understand

Now she knows the way
Lost souls follow her ray

There is so much more than you conceive, a world with different rules
No space, no time, no flesh, no blood
Your heart and sense are your only tools
But it’s up to you to walk through this door
Or still live like slaves and fools