“H” Beselt 


SONS OF SOUNDS take you on a spiritual journey, in which you enter a new world, escape from your old world and start listening to your inner voice again.

A journey in which you realize that confidence makes you strong, and in which you see that you can achieve everything you want!

In uncertain times our music and our lyrics make a new, more human world arise.

We are not a typical „Heavy Metal-Band“ – we don’t fit into this stereotype! Many different jurors in diverse band contests have given proof of it. Despite of their “hard” style, SONS OF SOUNDS don’t only perform for the Hard & Heavy Sector – people inspired by every other music genre feel unbelievably attracted.

Something in between Art/Prog. Rock & Heavy Metal (we call it „Free Metal“) is just the way of how the message comes into the audience, but the melodies, harmonies and lyrics create magic …

… and make something happen every time our songs sound out loud… something special that words can’t tell!

Since our first show (April 2007) in a class room with around 100 spectators 9 years have passed. During that time we did more than 250 concerts that made us reach a musical top level.

Gigs in penitentiaries, film festivals, shows in music shops, abandoned churches, cinemas, big or small clubs as well as every form of open air don’t only prove our creativity and professionalism, but have one thing in common: our music catches on and unites people that normally prefer to listen to other genres of music.

Aficionados of jazz, blues, classic music, pop and electro music celebrate us whenever they have the chance to see and listen to us in a live show!